Portraits that celebrate you and those you love.

Visit our Santa Barbara studio and experience what it’s like to be a cover girl for a day.

I create heirloom portraits celebrating:

  • milestones like turning 40, 50, 60 or newfound fitness or getting married or having a child
  • families and multiple generations so they can exist in photographs together
  • mothers for the heroes they are
  • your beautiful body and all it has given you
  • survivors who are grateful to be alive 


I also create stand-out personal brand photography for:

  • powerful entrepreneurs ready to put their face forward in their brand
  • influencers and online marketers who need scroll stopping content for their social media
  • top notch professionals who need to update their online imagery
  • impactful coaches who need online imagery that helps potential clients connect with them

My unique ability to pose, light and style every day people to look like super stars is what sets my photography apart. I believe everyone deserves to see and have beautiful images of themselves. 


If you’re ready to have a confidence-boosting photoshoot experience, let’s chat!  


I’m ready to begin designing my dream shoot!