2019 started off with a bang when I got to travel to Toronto to photograph one of my favorite clients. My client needed a quarter’s worth of images for her instagram, media & pr kits, blog posts, newsletters and more. She is a writer who focuses on travel, dating, and female empowerment. We worked together to create 90 days worth of unique images that are on brand for her and will help her to tell her stories online.

I love to work with entrepreneurs and influencers on creating branded content! If you have a strong online presence you probably want (and quite frankly need) stand out images that stop people in their tracks. In the days of mindless scrolling, if you want your work to be noticed your images need to make people say WOW!

While many know me for my studio portrait photography (which I love to do), I am also great at shooting on location and doing more lifestyle portraits as well. After all, I cut my teeth as a wedding photographer so I can work under pressure, in all kinds of locations, conditions, and lighting.

Some things that make a successful personal brand/social media story shoot are:

  1. Multiple locations & outfits – this helps your content look like it was created over time and on different days even though of course we just shoot it in one day!
  2. Cohesive coloring – Cohesive color editing in photos will really help your feed look put together and polished. It’s great to stick with one photographer you love as they are likely to have a cohesive color editing style
  3. Knowing your content – I want you to walk away with 90 unique images you can post over 90 days on a social media story shoot! But for these images to work they have to match the content you will be writing. Having an idea of your content ahead of time is super important for this reason!
  4. Planning ahead – A full day, multi location shoot requires a lot of pre planning! We also want to plan around your content and stories you plan to tell so that the locations all work within your brand and vision. I always have a pre-session planning consultation to guarantee results you will love and get you ROI.
  5. Trusting your photographer – These shoots might sound daunting but when you love your photographer it’s just a whole lot of fun and doesn’t feel like work at all! In turn, it’s important to me as photographer to LOVE my clients just as much as they love me. I know when we are truly a match we will always great excellent images.