Grab Ashleigh’s FREE GUIDE to guarantee you look fabulous in every picture you take (including phone pics)!

Grab Ashleigh’s FREE GUIDE to guarantee you look fabulous in every picture you take (including phone pics)!

I specialize in creating fashion magazine style portraits of real women, just like you.

  • If you’ve ever dreamed of walking the red carpet, but more often than not find that yoga pants are your couture du jour…
  • If you’ve ever dreamed of being a Cover Girl, but in reality hide from every camera you see because deep down you feel you are not photogenic…
  • If you’ve ever simply wanted a gorgeous image of yourself that captured not just your beauty but your essence…

then I can’t wait to meet you, photograph you, and show you just how stunning you are.


My commitment to you:

I fully understand the struggle of not always loving the person you see in photos.

The horrifying pain of seeing a terrible photo of yourself. The fear that your beauty just can’t be captured in photographic form. But here’s the secret I have learned after photographing women of all ages and sizes for the last 7 years…

You are just as beautiful as the girl in the magazine.

I promise that I will capture your beauty in a way that will leave you breathless, in a fit of giggles and happy tears, and feeling more confident than you’ve ever felt before.


The proof? Check out these real client

before + after transformations…

You can call it boudoir, fashion, glamour, seniors,
mother-daughter, maternity, personal branding, beauty.

I call it a portrait.


I’m ready to begin designing my dream shoot!



Design your dream shoot consultation

so that you get the exact images you desire (and ones you don’t even yet realize you desire).

Professional Hair and Make Up

so that you can feel pampered, gorgeous and confident that you look your best.


so that you don’t have to stress about finding a location for your shoot.


so that you can go from girl next door, to professional, to glam to vixen all in one shoot.


so that you can play dress up and mix-and-match my glam pieces with your own style


so that you don’t have to worry about things like stretch marks, zits, cellulite or whatever


so that you don’t have to practice in the mirror beforehand or worry about posing yourself.


so that you can happy dance over your final images and have fun selecting your final prints

A custom photo shoot with Ashleigh begins at $350.

After your shoot, you will come back to the studio for your reveal where we will carefully help you select your favorite images and fine art product of choice. Images/prints are an additional fee and begin at $295. For more details inquire HERE.


I had an incredible experience! I felt so beautiful and empowered throughout the shoot. Ashleigh not only has an amazing gift with photography, she is also very charismatic and passionate about her work and really cares about those she photographs.


Mother & Wife

She made me feel so comfortable and sexy with her positive feedback, focus, direction, and enthusiasm that I just felt like I could blossom in front of the camera. She was very timely about getting back to me when we were setting up the time to shoot, she’s a great communicator which is so important! When I got the photos back I was beyond thrilled, they looked so good. Natural yet finished, not over edited, great framing and poses. I will cherish them forever.


I have truly never felt more at ease working with someone. She took her time with me to really understand that this shoot was not just for my husband but also for myself. … Thank you Ashleigh for being an explorer of beauty, an artist of the female form and for constantly making me laugh.



I could not believe that the person in those pictures was me. Ashleigh was able to capture so much in these images. Sides of me that I had never seen before. I look at my pictures every now and then and smile. I smile with pride that I was able to do something that brave and liberating, but also with pride that I was able to be shot by such a wonderfully talented person.


Ashleigh is TRULY amazing to work with. The most bubbly energetic person! I felt so comfortable when she walked into the room, I felt like I was with a Best Friend. She was professional and yet so friendly. I truly LOVE the work she does and the pictures came out truly amazing I recommend her, she is the BEST!



As someone who has recently undergone a drastic change in my appearance that was not my choice (losing hair to alopecia), it has been difficult for me to adjust and feel comfortable with my new look. The photo shoot helped me to feel beautiful and confident. … Seeing myself looking beautiful both with and without my wig was really powerful. Having this experience and seeing my beautiful images helped me to know that I am beautiful and glamorous no matter how I choose to present myself to the world.


Mother of two

As soon as I sat down with Ashleigh and saw her amazing work, I knew she was the one I wanted to share this experience with. … When I saw the photos, I was completely blown away!


Ashleigh made me feel like a glamorous movie actress during the shoot. When I saw my photos, I was so happy. They exceeded my expectations. I really loved how the photos capture my spirit, as well as make my body look so great! It felt so good to be feeling sexy at 48!


I’m not comfortable in front of the camera and Ashleigh took care of those insecurities almost immediately. She is funny, sensitive, in control and has an incredible talent. … I look forward to doing a mother/daughter photo shoot with my girls. Thank you Ashleigh for being you and for teaching me that beauty is within and age is just a number.


Mother of four

It wasn’t until this photo shoot with Ashleigh that I actually saw my inner glam shine through photos because I never had the nerve to have a real photo shoot. Ashleigh has an innate gift that makes you to feel so comfortable in front of the camera.  Her love and joy for what she does is so infectious that you can’t help but allow your inner beauty shine in all its love, light, and glory.

Lauren Haas

Entrepreneur & Holistic Nutrition Coach

Deciding to do a boudoir photo shoot was thrilling but also a little nerve wracking, thank goodness when I found Ashleigh all the rest was a breeze! She took the time to get to know me, made me feel very comfortable and most importantly made it easy to have fun! She brought out the best in me and took the most amazing pictures.


My girlfriend showed me some of her boudoir pictures that Ashleigh took for her wedding gift to her husband. She told me I HAD to do this for my wedding too! … I immediately contacted Ashleigh to schedule a session. (only 2.5 weeks before the wedding date!) She was extremely responsive, professional and so talented!! I am so happy with my pictures and Ashleigh is making sure my photo book arrives before the wedding. Her hair/makeup associate made me look amazing too! I am so glad that I did something out of my element and I know my fiance will be so surprised!!



I felt empowered after my boudoir shoot. I have had so many self-image issues and worries and I have never felt so confident and sexy! It gave me a whole new perspective. … Whenever I’m having a bad day and not feeling good about the way I look, I look back at these photos to remind myself that I’m beautiful in more ways than one.


Mother & Wife

I was hesitant and nervous to book a shoot but after talking with Ashleigh, I felt confident that she was the one to capture and preserve my special moments. I’m glad I did! The photos were the best I have ever had taken of me. There were even a few “money shots,” you know, the kind that rivals those of models!


I was incredibly nervous about giving my hubby the book, but wow was he surprised! He absolutely loved it! I don’t even think he noticed the nice watch I also gave him for a wedding gift, lol! I am so glad I decided to go through with this. My body will not be the same for a long while, since we are expecting our first little one soon! So it will be nice for me to look back at these photos. Thank you so much for everything, Ashleigh:) and a BIG thanks from the hubby too!



Though I did feel shy and nervous at first, I became more confident under Ashleigh’s brilliant instruction. It’s not just about the boudoir shoot, it’s the planning beforehand and the lasting effects. I have gotten a little pep in my step back. A little more mojo. I don’t feel so “frumpy mom” all the time. It really is a mental transformation. And then bam, you get the pictures too!


Mother of two

Ashleigh created a beautiful and empowering experience! I felt like a cover girl!!! When I came to the photo unveiling, I did not recognize that the photos of the beautiful woman was ME! I originally came to Ashleigh for a head shot but saw her full folio and I said, “What the heck, let’s do this!” I am so glad I did. Everything has exceeded my expectations.


I had done a photo shoot with Groupon before and it honestly made me feel worse about myself because they sent me photos that I hated. (Some of the photos I was actually blinking in!) And my boyfriend at the time didn’t even like them. This shoot was a whole different ball game– Ashleigh made me feel like a star! The whole experience was the confidence booster I needed. … I don’t look in the mirror anymore and stare at my flaws because I know there is proof that I look AMAZING!



I am Ashleigh Taylor and I am a portrait photographer. It’s incredible to think about all the things that have happened since starting my business in 2009. From seeing my work featured in magazines and top online publications, to being flown to fabulous and far flung places (like Hawaii, Boston + Washington DC) to photograph clients, it’s been mind blowing.

But the most important thing has always been, and still is, the love I have for photographing women and giving them confidence to exist in photos. I recognize the beauty in every woman I meet and I know how to capture it. And yes, I still get chills every time I show a woman her beauty in a photograph.

PS — Don’t be fooled by my super-glam “about” picture! It’s from my own portrait shoot experience (yes, I believe in the power of this experience so much I have had my own shoot). Rest assured, I am a normal girl who typically goes out with a messy bun and sans make up.




…to a custom photo shoot experience. Let me show you your beauty. I promise to create photographs that show you your beauty and leave you breathless.

Still unsure about this experience? I promise this shoot is for you even if your head is screaming:

"I'm not photogenic"

It’s MY job to make you look amazing in photographs, not yours, and lucky for you that is my specialty!

"I don't like having my photo taken"

I promise to make the shoot not just comfortable but fun for you.

"I need to lose a few more pounds"

I will pose you & light you so you look jaw-droppingly hot, just as you are RIGHT NOW.

"I'm too old"

Ummmm, really? Women are like a fine wine and get better with age. I promise to show you your grace, elegance, allure through these photos.

"I've never done this before"

I promise that 96.935% (yes I’ve done the scientific math) of my clients were nervous first timers just like you, yet left the experience overjoyed.

"I really like digital images"

Want to share your photos on Facebook and make everyone green with envy? Good! Any image you purchase in print you also receive in digital format.

"I'm on a tight deadline"

I have been able to get photos done and in hand with very little notice. So reach out and let’s see what I can do for you!

"I can't afford it"

I work with clients with all budgets, I take credit cards, and I do offer payment plans.

Excited to begin planning your dream shoot?



When you are working with me you are not just getting a photo shoot, but an empowering, luxury, pampering, transformative experience.

Think of it like a makeover, spa day and mini yoga retreat (lord knows I will contort you into all sorts of poses) but with wayyyy more mascara, tulle, lace, and hairspray!

Why working with Ashleigh is different:

  • Personal Communication + Care so that you have all your q’s answered and all your needs met.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so that you can be confident you will get images you love *(in the so-rare-it-has-never-happened event you don’t like any of your images you will be offered a complimentary reshoot)
  • Custom Designed Experience so that you get images that reflect your unique style and desires!
  • Celebrity Style Photo Shoot so that you can feel like a Vogue Cover Girl for a day (eat your heart out Anna Wintour)
  • All Female Team so that you can feel 100% comfortable and secure doing the shoot.
  • Natural yet Magazine Caliber Retouching so that you can still look like you, just without the things you might rather not see (like cellulite, blemishes, or whatever).
  • In Person Image Selection so that choosing your final prints is a quick, stress-free, enjoyable process complete with expert guidance
  • Heirloom Art so that your images get seen, held, enjoyed and passed down through generations. (sorry but your granddaughter isn’t going to cherish a thumb drive)
  • A Lasting Experience so that even years later, when you look at your prints, you will be instantly transported to the day of the photoshoot, the day you felt so beautiful.

Though we believe in a custom experience,
we realize it’s not for everyone.
This shoot is probably not for you if:


If you just want to come in with no prep work, have your photographer snap a few photos, and then send you a disc of images (that are likely unretouched), this is NOT the shoot for you.



I do like to get to know you before the shoot, and to be able to personally explain this experience and all that is included (either on the phone, at my studio or both)… so if talking to me one-one-one is not your thing, I might not the photographer for you.

Why do I need a gorgeous portrait of myself?

  1. BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO HAVE A GORGEOUS PHOTO OF YOURSELF especially considering all you do to take care of others.
  2. BECAUSE SELF-LOVE IS WHAT GIVES US THE CAPACITY TO LOVE OTHERS and there’s no better way to show yourself some love than by having a gorgeous photo of yourself
  3. BECAUSE YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS and CHILDREN WANT YOU TO EXIST IN PHOTOS though they might not know it now. One day, your gorgeous photos will become priceless treasures to them.
  4. BECAUSE TIME FLIES REALLY FREAKING FAST and you literally are not getting any younger for a photo shoot.
  5. BECAUSE YOU WANT TO REIGNITE THAT SPARK and there is no better way to do that than feeling feminine, beautiful, and sexy.
  6. BECAUSE THAT DUCK-FACE SELFIE IS GREAT BUT may not be the way your loved ones ultimately want to remember you
  7. BECAUSE HEARING “DAMN, GRANDMA YOU’RE A FOX” will make you smile really big one day.

I'm ready to begin designing my dream shoot!

Do you provide the wardrobe for the shoot?

We do have a studio wardrobe you may use during your shoot. However, because women come in many shapes, sizes and have a wide array of style preferences, I still ask you bring your own wardrobe to the shoot and we can mix in my wardrobe if you want. We will have a consultation prior to the shoot where we discuss specifically what wardrobe you should bring in and how to find it.

Where are you based?
Our studio is based in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA (in the heart of downtown).
Do you work with clients vacationing in Santa Barbara?
Yes! Many of our clients do their shoot while here on vacation (some even plan their whole trip around working with me). We can do your design consultation and reveal via skype if you live afar.
Do you travel?
I love to travel! If you’d like a portrait shoot in an exotic locale, or your hometown, please get in touch and we will discuss how to make it happen and what travel fees would apply.
Do you do headshots, editorial, or special projects?
Yes! Please inquire for more info!
Do you teach classes or offer mentorships?

Yes, I offer photography classes for photo enthusiasts hereI also mentor creative entrepreneurs and fellow boudoir/portrait photographers. Find out more here.

Why do you sell printed artwork? Isn’t that old school?

I believe we are all deserving of existing in print. Digital files probably wont be handed down through generations as a treasurebut guess what? A print will. I currently have in my possession portraits dating back to the late 1800s of my family. Though I never met these people I study these classic images and imagine their story. I cherish these portraits, and I want your portraits to be cherished for generations too.

What types of printed products do you offer?

We offer wall artwork (such as matted prints, canvas, acrylic). We also offer gorgeous folio boxes complete with sets of matted prints and fine art albums.

Will I get digital images?

Yes you get a digital copy of anything you purchase in print.

What is your turnaround time?

Ideally I like to have about 4-6 weeks from initial point of contact to the delivering of pictures. However, I have been known to turn a shoot around in as little as 2.5 weeks (yes with pictures in print). If you are on a deadline with your images please get in touch and Ill see what I can do for you.

What is the cost of a shoot?

Photoshoots begin at $350. Images are sold separately and begin at $295. What you purchase and ultimately spend is entirely up to you. You only purchase the images you love. I invite you to have a personal consultation with me so I can hear about your dream shoot, begin customizing your experience, and give you more details of what is included. You can begin that process here.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we accept visa and mastercard.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we can arrange a monthly payment plan. Please inquire.

And finally…

Why should I book a shoot now?

Because we are not promised tomorrow and we do not know what the future holds. Every day you put off doing this shoot for yourself you run the risk of it never happening. And truthfully why should you wait when I promise I can make you look gorgeous just as you are right now?!

How would you like to be photographed? (check all that apply)

Sexy. I would love to wear lingerie and show some skin.Boudoir. I would love to have some “on the bed” shots, maybe some wrapped in the sheets.Red Carpet Glam. I would love to wear a floor length gown! Something extravagant!Boho Chic. I would love to be photographed in cream tones, lace, fringe, or wear flowers in my hairClassic. I would like to wear something that is dressy but not so over the top as black tie formal wear.Casual. I would like to be photographed in jeans and a tee, something that feels more like me.Professional. I would like to look polished and professional. Shots I could use as a headshot or on my website.Fine Art Nude. I would like some gorgeous nude photos that celebrate my body and all it has done for me.

Who (if anyone) would you like to be photographed with?

No one. I am doing this shoot just for me.My mom. My mom is my role model and having portraits with her is a priceless treasure.My daughter. I would love to spend a girl’s day getting glammed up with her and having our pictures taken.My sister. My sister is my first and best friend. I would cherish sharing this experience with her.My BFF. We do everything together and I’d love to celebrate our friendship through photos.My love. I’d like to spend some time at the end of my shoot getting romantic shots with my significant other.My family. Let’s start the day with the girls getting glammed and have the boys join in later!My young children. I’d like to have some “me-time” but have my precious littles join towards the end.

Why are you excited to do this photo shoot?

Where would you liked to be photographed?

What will your images be used for? (required)

How did you hear about Ashleigh? (required)

Date you need your images by?

Anything else you’d like to share about your dream shoot?

Tell us about you. This info is how we will get in contact to set up your complimentary consultation.

Your Name (required)

Your Location (required--please tell us the city and state or country where you reside)

Your Email (required)

Phone Number (required)

Confirm Phone Number (required)

Best time to chat? (required)


Ashleigh Taylor cannot be held responsible for how insanely hot, completely irresistible, and envy-inducing you will look after your shoot and in your images.


Beyond helping women feel confident in front of the camera, Ashleigh is passionate about helping women feel confident **using** their cameras and in business.




You are welcome to contact the studio directly or by phone 310.404.1613. Based in Santa Barbara, California